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Design Process

The design process involves several key steps, providing a structured approach to creating

functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

An overview of what to expect at every step of your project


Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the client to understand their needs, preferences, and project goals

  • Discuss budget, timeline, and any specific requirements

  • Prepare a bespoke design proposal


Research and Inspiration

  •  Gather inspiration from various sources, including client preferences, design trends, and historical or cultural references

  •  Research materials, finishes, and furnishings suitable for the project


Concept Development

  •  Develop a design concept to align with the client's vision and the project's requirements

  •  Creat and present mood boards, colour schemes, and key design elements


 Layout Planning

  • Evaluate the spatial layout, considering functionality and flow

  • Create floor plans to optimise the use of space

  • 3 designs prepared per room


Architectural Planning

  • Structural alteration to interiors includes removing or building walls, altering fireplaces, changing doorways, replacing windows and re-designing staircases.

  • All designs follow current UK building regulations

  • Ensure all necessary building permissions and approvals are obtained



  • Develop a comprehensive budget that includes all aspects of the design, from materials to labour

  • Work closely with the client to ensure budgetary constraints are met


Sourcing & Procurement of FF&E

  • Shortlist and present materials, finishes, and furniture pieces that fit the design concept

  • Consider comfort, durability, cost and aesthetic appeal


Implementation and Project Management

  • Oversee the execution of the design plan

  • Coordinate with contractors, suppliers, and craftsmen to ensure quality and adherence to the design

  • Prepare detailed schedules for contractor and tradesmen



  • Supervise the installation of furnishings, fixtures, and decor

  • Address any issues that may arise during the installation process

  • Ensure all elements are completed to the client's satisfaction

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